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The Steelers have a potent offense, but their whole team smokes weed - what to expect from them in 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers - 2016 Fantasy Football Stat Projections

Posted by d-Rx on 08/31/16

by   The Archer


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Projecting to the upcoming season is a worthwhile exercise in fantasy circles. Like rankings, some projections are better than others. There are some factors that can help you project for your own purposes. First, never let your ranks affect the projections, second, use the information at hand to determine workload and splits, and finally, do not project in a vacuum. The third point is the most important, always project in the scheme of the offense. For example, you can’t project John Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, and Michael Floyd to each go for over 1,200 yards receiving and have 12 touchdowns if you expect the quarterback (Carson Palmer) to throw for just 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Since projections are a tough business, and it is tough to account for every catch on the season, there is a category known as scraps. Some teams have more of a clear-cut pecking order and therefore have a smaller scraps section; teams with lots of unknowns have a larger one. After you lay out your projections, think about the range of outcomes for each player, and use those to shape your rankings. 



Pittsburgh Steelers 2016 projections stat chart

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Pittsburgh Steelers Pros & Cons:

(+) Antonio Brown is arguably the best overall pick, certainly in PPR formats.

(+) When Lev Bell returns, he will be one of the few bell-cow backs in the league, although D. Williams has proved his worth on the field.

(+) PFF has this O-line as top 10 in 2016

(+) The boys from Three Rivers put up the 5th most FF Points across all positions last season

(+) Pitt was tied for 3rd most yards per game last year

(+) Big Ben is a decent low-end/midrange QB. He finished top 10 in FF Points in 2014 and 2013

(+) The team’s QB has the 5th easiest overall schedule and the wide relievers come in at number 1 in Pyromaniac’s Strength of Schedule

(+) The Steelers were tied for 4th in most points last season. Where touchdowns go, FF Points will follow

(+) This defense could be a sneaky pick this year. Only the Broncos has more FF Points from Sacks and only 4 had more FF Points from INTs. These 2 categories make up over 50% of fantasy defensive points scored

(+/-) Wheaton, Coates, DHB, even Eli Rogers, the rise of Pittsburgh’s #2 WR in fantasy has yet to be seen

(-) Oh what could have been! Martavis Bryant will miss the entire season. Lev Bell will miss the first 3 games.  Ladarius Green will likely start on the PUP

(-) The toughest TE schedule in 2016






These projections were built on a variety of factors including but not limited to:


Number of Plays Run

Run/Pass Ratio

WR1 Market Share

WR2 Market Share

RB1 Market Share

TE1 Market Share

QB Career Patterns

RB Career Patterns

WR Career Patterns

TE Career Patterns

Sack Percentages

Percentage of Drives ending in scores





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