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PyromaniacMo's Tier Ranking Sheet v2

PyromaniacMo's Tier Ranking Sheet v2

Posted by d-Rx on 06/27/15

by   The Archer


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Taking Your Tiers One Step Further


Certainly you know by now, fantasy football tiers are a large part of the goo here at Pyromaniac. If you are new to Pyro, you may first ask, “Where have you guys been all my life?” But second, you may very well want to know a bit more about tiers. If indeed that is the case, let me direct you to one of our recent videos explaining this essential concept a bit more broadly.

As we have preached, tiers are vital to the drafting process. When D Day comes around, your tier sheet is all you need: one sheet of paper that contains YOUR tiers. However, you indeed should make them YOUR own. To me, this goes beyond just adjusting guys up or down as you see fit. Tiers can be customized in any number of ways.

For instance, take a look at my tiers V2, June 25th, 2015.

You will notice for starters, I include the letter R and a # next to most names. This represents the round in which ESPN has them ranked. Essentially, I looked at ESPN’s rankings and configured them for a 12 man league. So, in their overall rankings, players 1 -12 receive R1 because they would be drafted in the 1st round. Players 13 through 24 get R2 because they would be selected in the 2nd round and so forth. If there is no R#, that means they are ranked lower than 192. If you do the math, you will see the 192nd  spot is the last pick in a 12 team league that contains 16 rounds. Here is a table to help spell it out. 


Mo's Tiers Description Chart



By having a good idea of when a guy will go, it gives me a leg up. I can gamble a bit. For example, if I have a WR ranked high in my tiers, but I see that he has an R6 and we are only in the 3rd round, chances are he will still be there the next time , so I can spend my pick elsewhere and still land the guy I want a round or two later. At the same time, if I notice there is only one RB left in my highest RB tier and he has a R3, chances are he will not make it back to me if I let him go. Understand, there are no guarantees, but the bigger the difference between the round you are in and the R# associated with a player, the greater the chance that player remains on the board. The way I see it, you are using as much info as you can to make the best decision.

Another way to customize your tiers is by highlighting, or color coding certain players. You can use this for any data point you find important. I use it as a tie breaker of sorts. As you can see in my tiers, I used two different colors besides black. They guys that are blue, have a top 5 strength of schedule at their position. The guys that are color coded in red, have a bottom 5 strength of schedule at that position. In other words, blue has the easiest schedules and red guys have much harder ones. So, if it is between two players and one is blue and one is red, it makes it easy. You could do this for a variety of things you feel are important such as power in numbers teams, injury prone players, young players, guys over 6’ in height, whatever category you feel is important in helping you to determine fantasy value.

In essence, there are a number of ways you can improve your tiers. For example, maybe you put a symbol by Gurley and Trey Mason because you want to remind yourself that if you draft one, you want to handcuff him to the other. Maybe you want to highlight your rookies a certain color so that you do not end up with too many. Basically, there are myriad ways to personalize your tiers. The idea is to give you a quick, easy way to give yourself vital information on draft day. My suggestion is to not go overboard. Pick a few points of data you want to incorporate into your tiers, then by simply adding color, numbers, or symbols, you are creating personalized tiers that will allow you to dominate your league. 



Moe's Tiers v2





by PyromaniacMo