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2016 fantasy fotball stat projections for the San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers - 2016 Fantasy Football Stat Projections

Posted by d-Rx on 08/31/16

by   The Archer


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Projecting to the upcoming season is a worthwhile exercise in fantasy circles. Like rankings, some projections are better than others. There are some factors that can help you project for your own purposes. First, never let your ranks affect the projections, second, use the information at hand to determine workload and splits, and finally, do not project in a vacuum. The third point is the most important, always project in the scheme of the offense. For example, you can’t project John Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, and Michael Floyd to each go for over 1,200 yards receiving and have 12 touchdowns if you expect the quarterback (Carson Palmer) to throw for just 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Since projections are a tough business, and it is tough to account for every catch on the season, there is a category known as scraps. Some teams have more of a clear-cut pecking order and therefore have a smaller scraps section; teams with lots of unknowns have a larger one. After you lay out your projections, think about the range of outcomes for each player, and use those to shape your rankings. 



San Diego Chargers 2016 projections stat chart

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San Diego Chargers Pros & Cons:

(+) Ken Whisenhunt returns as offensive coordinator. When last in San Diego, he turned around a team ranked 31st in total offensive yards to 5th in his first season, 2013.

(+) Before K. Allen went down and the O-line became absolutely decimated, Rivers was fantasy’s 2nd best QB (weeks 1-8).

(+) Through the first 7 weeks last season, Keenan Allen locked up the most receptions in the NFL (62).

(+) Antonio Gates needs just 8 TDs to become the all-time TD leader for tight ends. This is a narrative Rivers has already spoken about. Gates represents fantastic mid/late round value as he has a double-digit TD season written all over him.

(+) In standard leagues, Antonio Gates has finished as a TE1 in 12 man leagues the last 12 seasons in a row!

(+) The team drafted Derek Watt. That means not only will they be employing a fullback, it is Melvin Gordon’s fullback he played with at Wisconsin. They say familiarity can bread success, let’s just hope for a touchdown.

(+) Danny Woodhead is a PPR monster and still a value in standard. He led all RBs with targets, receptions, and receiving TDs.

(-) Last season, a rotating, hobbled offensive line, led to a multitude of offensive problems. Unfortunately, the team did not really address the issue. This is certainly one reason PFF has ranked them as the worst offensive.

(-) The hype train on Melvin Gordon ran out of steam when the rookie failed to cross the stripe, at all!

(-) Injuries destroyed this team last year, so health is of vital importance for fantasy success. They are just not deep enough anywhere to get too banged up.




These projections were built on a variety of factors including but not limited to:


Number of Plays Run

Run/Pass Ratio

WR1 Market Share

WR2 Market Share

RB1 Market Share

TE1 Market Share

QB Career Patterns

RB Career Patterns

WR Career Patterns

TE Career Patterns

Sack Percentages

Percentage of Drives ending in scores





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