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Targets, Touches & Looks - Thru Week 4 - Fantasy Football 2018

Posted by Stagg Party on 10/03/18

by   The Archer


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Targets, Touches & Looks for QBs - thru Week 4

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- Andrew Luck is in a high volume have to pass offense. Lot's of Looks for Luck.

- Marcus Mariota's hand must be feeling better... 4th in "looks" in Week 4. Running the ball 10 times is very promising, he's available on a lot of Waiver Wires.

- Kirk Cousin's has the most looks of any QB through 4 games... 201, with Big Ben second with 196, and Andrew Luck 3rd with 195. 

- Ryan Tannehill only has 110 Looks on the season which is a bad time. The Dolphins run a slow offense each week with not many plays ran on offense, not sure why Adam Gase always plays this style - but stay away from Ryan Tannehill as result.

- In 2 games Carson Wentz has 92 Targets, which means he's going to throwing (and maybe even running) plenty this season, recovery or not.




Running Backs:


Targets, Touches & Looks Thru Week 4 for RBs

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- Alvin Kamara is the only RB with over 100 touches with 103. That should slow down a bit with Ingram returning this week, but not too much all things considered.


- Sony Michel with 25 touches is promising. Rex out, James White a receiver, Sony is going to eat if he can stay healthy.


-If Fournette misses significant time, which appears to be the case (he's injury prone sadly), then T.J. Yelden is gonna keep getting these looks. T.J. just might be one of those league winner pickups.


- Phillip Lindsay has 53 looks on the season, Royce Freeman has 46. I see this starting to swing more towards Royce as the season goes on. 


- Alfred Morris isn't getting carries and can't catch, might be time to give up the pipe dream that he's going to produce fantasy points this season, especially with Jimmy G. out now and the Niners being behind in many games.


- The Chicago Bears were up by 35 points in the first half against the Bucs on Sunday, and still, Jordan Howard only got 10 looks. Tarik Cohen had 21, it's going to be hard to call whose week it is in Nagy's offense.



Wide Receivers:


Targets, Touches & Looks for WRs through Week 4

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- After being injured for the first 3 games, Keke Coutee broke records in his first NFL game. 17 looks, 13 touches... running the ball twice out of the slot on jet sweeps. Wow, the fastest player in the 2018 NFL Draft (from the Combine) is a great route runner and is in an awesome situation on Houston.


- Tyreek Hill got 14 looks, which is scary if he gets some long ones.


- The way Cousins is ripping the ball, there is plenty to go around for Stefon Diggs (15 looks in Week 4) and Adam Thielen (had 12 looks this week). Adam leads all WRs in looks so far with 56, three more than Antonio Brown.


- Allen Robinson had a touchdown, but he's just not getting targets we expected. He only had 4 in the blowout good for 72 for WRs on the week, he's doing a bit better on the season with 32 looks (the same amount as John Brown & Emmanuel Sanders).


- Chris Hogan had 1 look in Week 4, the lacrosse player only has 15 total looks on the season. Julian Edelmen, a TT&L stud comes back this week and should render Hogan totally useless, which he's been anyways.


- Strangely enough, Tyler Boyd has more looks on the season than A.J. Green, Boyd has 37 and Green has 22 - receiving 15 (11 catches) looks in Week 4 compared to A.J.'s 8 (4 catches). With Eifert out, Boyd should stay hot, but as long as he's on the field A.J. Green will start outproducing the 3rd year player out of Pitt.



Tight Ends:


Targets, Touches & Looks for TEs through Week 4

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- Eric Ebron is for real with Doyle out. 10 targets, grabbing 5 of them with another TD.


- Zach Ertz led all TEs with 14 targets, Wentz loves that guy.


- With Jake Butt out, Jeff Heureman had 7 looks on MNF, keep an eye on his usage.


- Kyle Rudolph has only 22 looks on the season, which is low considering how much the Vikings are throwing the ball. He's a TD or bust at the moment.


- With O.J. Howard injured, keep tabs on Cameron Brate... Jameis loves him.






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By: Stagg Party

(w/ write-ups by d-Rx®)


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