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Targets, Touches & Looks - Thru Week 6 - Fantasy Football 2018

Posted by Stagg Party on 10/18/18

by   The Archer


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Targets, Touches & Looks thru 6 weeks - QB chart

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- Andrew Luck is starting to pull away from Kirk Cousins in total looks on the season, the Colts QB has 299 looks so far.


- Russell Wilson had 20 fewer looks than Cam and Aaron in Week 6. He has 89 fewer looks than Aaron Rodgers on the season.


- Jameis Winston's usage makes him a top 10 QB in our Pyro Player Rankings for most weeks.


-Dak Prescott carried the ball 11 times last weekend, if he can keep that up, he'll start moving off the waiver wire and bench of fantasy owners in 2018. 



Running Backs


Targets, Touches & Looks Thru 6 Weeks - RBs

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- It's obvious, Mike McCarthy just doesn't want to get Aaron Jones involved. The eye test shows that he's the Pack's best runner, but at 9 touches in Week 6 it's just enough to bring the #FF points.


- T.J. Yeldon (104) has more looks on the season than Jordan Howard (91). At this point, no matter what Coach Nagy says, Howard isn't fitting the mold of his offense. Tarik Cohen has 53 #FF points on 57 points, while Jordan has 40 #FF points on 91 looks so far this season.


- Rookie RB, Judge Ito Smith had 13 looks to Tevin Coleman's 12 in Week 6.



Wide Receivers


Targets, Touches & Looks thru Week 6 - WRs

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- Davante Adams is on fire! He trails only two other WRs - Adam Thielen (81 looks) and Odell Beckham Jr. (72 looks)... 


- Willie Snead had 10 looks last week, and Joe Flacco is chucking the ball around the field at a high rate.


- Albert Wilson had 10 looks with Brock Asswiper at the helm. Broke is likely to throw short and often while Tannehill is out with an injury.


- Chester Rogers had 7 catches and a TD on 10 targets last week, I bet he's available in every league. 


- 9 targets for Josh Gordon last week... if this continues, watch out.



Tight Ends


Targets, Touches & Looks Thru 6 Weeks

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- Ebron is finally living up to his draft spot since joining the Colts. He now has 52 targets on the season.


- Gronk has only 35 looks on the season. With Edelman back and Josh Gordon now getting targets, Rob G. may have to score fantasy points on far fewer targets than he has in past season.


- Jared Cook's 2 targets for 10 yards was his lowest output all season. He never has been able to sustain a full season of fantasy consistency. 


- Vance McDonald with 8 targets, and Jesse James with 7 - showing that Big Ben is using the TE in Le'V Bell's absence.







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