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Todd Gurley had a lot of targets in week 3, which brings a lot of fantasy football points to your team.

Targets, Touches & Looks - Week 3 - Fantasy Football 2016

Posted by d-Rx on 09/28/16

by   The Archer


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Targets, Touches & Looks - Week 3 - QB chart

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QB Quick Hitters:

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s -.05 Fantasy Points per Look is easily one of the worst of the season so far and probably won’t be repeated all year. Simply atrocious.

Tyrod Taylor and Case Keenum are the only 2 quarterbacks who have start and finish all 3 weeks and have yet to surpass 100 looks this season.





Targets, Touches & Looks - Week 3 - RB chart

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RB Quick Hitters:

There was nothing more amazing than the mauling both Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman brought the Saints in both the running and passing game. Hard to see both options not having standalone value moving forward.

As much as it pains me to say this, fantasy darling Lamar Miller has yet to find the end zone this year. Although I was high on in this offseason, he’s performed far below my expectations as of now. Here’s to hoping he can turn this efficiency around.






Targets, Touches & Looks - Week 3 - WR chart

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WR Quick Hitters:

Brian Hoyer loves Kevin White. Absolutely loves him. Peppering him with 14 targets out of 49 attempts, an astonishing 28% market share of the team targets. Should we expect this to be a sign of things to come? I’m not too quick to think so. White’s efficiency wasn’t quite up to par, only hauling in 6 of those targets.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the greatness of Marvin Jones and his 205-yard performance last week. He’s definitely the number 1 option on that team moving forward. Looking like the best wide receiver ADP value so far this year, a steal in its finest.





Targets, Touches & Looks - Week 3 - TE chart

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TE Quick Hitters:

It felt wonderful seeing Coby Fleener and Drew Brees on the same page Monday night. Looks like the chemistry is building and a strong rapport could be forming. Or maybe it’s just because Willie Snead was inactive. I really want to see Fleener succeed in New Orleans though.


Kyle Rudolph! What a world we live in that Kyle Rudolph is second in the league for targets among tight ends. Crazy. Here’s the rest of the top 5:


1. Greg Olsen (27)

2. Kyle Rudolph (26)

3. Jordan Reed (25)

4. Dennis Pitta (24)

5. Coby Fleener (23)



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