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DFS Advice for FanDuel and DraftKings for the 2017 in Week 10

The Daily Dos & Don'ts - Week 10 DFS Advice (2017)

Posted by d-Rx on 11/11/17

by   The Archer


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Stagg Party's Week 10 DFS


Pillar: TE, Rob Gronkowski – FanDuel $8,100 / DraftKings $7,000

With Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, and Jimmy Graham off the main Sunday slates, I believe Gronk can be a major lineup differentiator as the next best options are arguably Evan Engram or Cameron Brate. Neither of those players have the upside of 100+ yards that Gronk does, and you can argue Brate’s an effective redzone weapon all you want, but he is no Gronk. Gronk also has the plus matchup against the Broncos who have struggled against tight ends this season, allowing the third most fantasy points to the position. Five different tight ends have gone over double-digit fantasy points against the Bronco’s in half PPR, but the best ones the Broncos have faced Witten, Engram, and Kelce scored a combined 60.2 fantasy points, that is an average of 20 fantasy points. With their corners having to pay attention to Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola, Gronk should be able to work the middle of the field whenever he wants. 38% of the Broncos’ receiving yardage allowed this season have been against tight ends, the highest rate in the league, Gronk gonna Gronk. 


Sleepers: WR, Robby Anderson – FanDuel $6,500 / DraftKings $5,200

Robby Anderson has shown consistency and upside in his recent surge. Over the last five weeks, Robby is WR9 in half PPR scoring and showing a mix of redzone usage to go along with his big play ability. He is actually WR6 in half PPR over the last three weeks with a touchdown in each. He has also shown the ability to convert on more of his targets recently, catching 13 of his last 16 targets after sporting a low catch rate for most of his first two seasons in the league. Robby is an ascending target and now gets the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are allowing the second most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Against Speedy receivers, including guys like Deonte Thompson, the Bucs have trouble keeping these guys contained. The Bucs have allowed at least 1 receiver over double-digit fantasy points in half PPR every week this season and have allowed 14 in total through 8 games. Lock in Robby at a nice price to your lineups.


Low Cost Dart Throw: RB, Orleans Darkwa– FanDuel $5,300 / DraftKings $4,500

Orleans Darkwa just gets put in the best of all spots this week, you may recall some of this from Adrian Peterson’s write up last week. On the season, RBs are averaging 27.5 half PPR points against the 49ers this season, including 1,650 total yards in nine games. Over the last five weeks the 49ers have allowed 1,023 total yards to opposing running backs and six total touchdowns. Over the last three weeks the 49ers have allowed 495 rushing yards and 132 receiving yards with four total touchdowns. Darkwa played his most snaps last week, and has averaged 25 snaps over his last four games, while Wayne Gallman’s snaps have been reduced. Over the last five weeks, Darkwa is RB23 in half PPR points per game averaging 10.6 a week. Go full Darkwang Duck and start Orleans this week.


Fade: RB, LeSean McCoy – FanDuel $8,300 / Draftkings $8,300 

While LeSean McCoy has been a center piece of some good weeks in the last month, that game against the Jets just put the fear of god into me. While he may not be listed with an injury, his groin injury looks to be lingering and could reappear at any time, taking him off the field. Plus the Saints defense has been tough as of late, allowing the 11th fewest fantasy points to opposing running backs over the last five weeks. While McCoy does have some big upside, and the Saints aren’t world beaters against the run, the injury downside just scares me away from making him a stalwart of my lineups this week.





ØC's Week 10 DFS

Pillar: RB, Melvin Gordon – DraftKings $7,200 / FanDuel $7,600

Coming off a bye, the often injured Melvin Gordon will return to stud form against the 27th worst defense against fantasy running backs. The Jaguars also boast the top secondary in the league, which will lead to a higher volume of rushing attempts and receptions out of the back field. Gordon has big play ability, with the potential for 30 touches, mimicking LeVeon Bell’s productivity. Plus, Melvin is pretty cheap so what do you have to lose?


Sleeper: WR, DeSean Jackson – Draft Kings $4,900 / Fan Duel $6,300

The Buccaneers are on their last leg and desperate. Jameis Winston will not play at quarterback, Mike Evans is suspended, and Doug Martin is being cuckolded by both Jaquizz Rodgers and Peyton Barber. The only real constant…DeSean Jackson. This is the first time he will be the WR1 at home against a forgiving New York Jets secondary. Look for his typical six targets to balloon to 10-12 in a high scoring affair.



Dart Throw: WR, Danny Amendola – DraftKings $5,200 / FanDuel $5,300

The Patriots are traveling to Denver to face the often touted “no fly zone”, but recently the Broncos defensive backs haven’t even shown up. The Patriots love to kill you with 1000 cuts, meaning screens, short slants, out routes, etc especially to their quick running backs and short white receivers. Chris Hogan will not play this weekend with an injury, leaving Amendola to take all of the short yardage receiving opportunities.



Fade: RB, Todd Gurley – DraftKings $8,700 / FanDuel $9,600

Todd “the Bod Gurley” absolutely feasts on weak matchups. Averaging more than 24 FF points per game against rush defenses ranked 14th or worse. However, in his two games against tougher defensive units (Seattle and Jacksonville), Gurley averages only 8.25 FF points. His Week 10 opponent is Houston, which is ranked 9th against fantasy rushers. Fan Duel has Todd as the most expensive player of the week and it just isn’t worth the money given his history against stout defenses. 




QB, Tom Brady – Draft Kings $6,700 – Fan Duel $8,500

WR, Danny Amendola – Draft Kings $5,200 – Fan Duel $5,300




d-Rx® Week 10 DFS

Pillar: WR, A.J. Green - FanDuel $7,900 / DraftKings $7,700

A.J. Green is pissed and about to show the world that he’s not soft. He escaped a bullet by not being suspended for his altercation with Jalen Ramsey, no question there. But I think ROS, the ejection will be a good thing for AJ’s game play  as I expect him to be locked-in and targeted like crazy. Dalton has to be going #18’s way early and often for the remainder of the season. 


Sleeper: QB, Eli Manning - FanDuel $6,700 / DraftKings $5,100

I have more faith in Chicago’s favorite dessert Eli’s Cheesecake 9 games into the 2017 NFL season than Eli Manning at this point. The Niners make superheroes out of average men (4th worst in the league vs QBs so far this season). Eli’s days may be numbered as a starter, in all honesty. Anyway, it’s been a good run buddy - but this matchup is the one for the guy. If he can’t get it done in this game, he pretty much can’t get it done against anyone in my eyes.


Low Cost Dart Throw: WR, Martavis Bryant - FanDuel $5,100 / DraftKings $3,900

I feel like this game is going to be such a blowout for the Steelers, that they may go out of their way to make it be a make-up party for Martavis Bryant. This sets up defenses for future games throughout the remainder of the season, so teams understand the Steelers have a quiet beast they can unleash, while also making mends on a rough few weeks between the Steelers and their oft-troubled yet hyper-explosive wideout. The Alien is a force of nature, and I agree with him - JuJu’s got nothing on him. I like JuJu, but Martavis is a different breed when he gets going. There is a reason the Steelers didn’t trade him. They are going to need #10 to help if they are to win a championship this year. He’ll be heavily involved in the gameplay I figure.


Fade: WR, Keenan Allen - FanDuel $7,300 / DraftKings $4,500

Jacksonville’s defense is a juggernaut that you don’t want to mess with. The beautiful part about DFS is you can choose the guys you want and in this case don’t want based on the player’s matchup. This is not a good matchup for any of the Chargers receivers. Jags secondary is the best against WRs in not allowing fantasy points, they give up 15.8 per game, for a comparison the secondary that gives up the most points to wideouts is the Chiefs and they allow 34.2, almost 19 fantasy points more per game.






Head-to-Head FanDuel Competition

 - Week 10 -


ØC (5-4 | 1055.9 pts) vs. d-Rx® (4-5 | 959.76 pts)


ØC vs d-Rx head-to-head FanDuel Competition - week 10 




FanDuel Points Allowed - 2017


FanDuel Points Allowed chart thru 9 weeks 





DraftKings Points Allowed - 2017

DraftKings Points Allowed thru 9 weeks 





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