Overall Ranking

120 '16 '15 '14
Games -- -- --
Attempts -- -- --
Passing Yards -- -- --
300 Yard Games -- -- --
Rushing Yards -- -- --
Pass Touchdowns -- -- --

Season Schedule

  • Week 1 - Sep 07

    NE @ MIA

  • Week 2 - Sep 14

    NE @ MIN

  • Week 3 - Sep 21

    OAK @ NE

  • Week 4 - Sep 29

    NE @ KC

  • Week 5 - Oct 05

    CIN @ NE

  • Week 6 - Oct 12

    NE @ BUF

  • Week 7 - Oct 16

    NYJ @ NE

  • Week 8 - Oct 26

    CHI @ NE

  • Week 9 - Nov 02

    DEN @ NE

  • Week 10 - Nov 09


  • Week 11 - Nov 16

    NE @ IND

  • Week 12 - Nov 23

    DET @ NE

  • Week 13 - Nov 30

    NE @ GB

  • Week 14 - Dec 07

    NE @ LAC

  • Week 15 - Dec 14

    MIA @ NE

  • Week 16 - Dec 21

    NE @ NYJ

  • Week 17 - Dec 28

    BUF @ NE

  • Week 1 - Sep 09

    NE 34 @ TEN 13

  • Week 3 - Sep 23

    NE 30 @ BAL 31

  • Week 4 - Sep 30

    NE 52 @ BUF 28

  • Week 5 - Oct 07

    DEN 21 @ NE 31

  • Week 6 - Oct 14

    NE @ SEA

  • Week 7 - Oct 21

    NYJ @ NE

  • Week 8 - Oct 28

    NE @ LAR

  • Week 9 - Nov 04


  • Week 10 - Nov 11

    BUF @ NE

  • Week 11 - Nov 18

    IND @ NE

  • Week 12 - Nov 22

    NE @ NYJ

  • Week 13 - Dec 02

    NE @ MIA

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    NE 38 @ MIA 24

  • Week 2 - Sep 18

    LAC 21 @ NE 35

  • Week 3 - Sep 25

    NE 31 @ BUF 34

  • Week 4 - Oct 02

    NE 31 @ OAK 19

  • Week 5 - Oct 09

    NYJ 21 @ NE 30

  • Week 6 - Oct 16

    DAL 16 @ NE 20

  • Week 7 - Oct 23


  • Week 8 - Oct 30

    NE 17 @ PIT 25

  • Week 9 - Nov 06

    NYG 24 @ NE 20

    1776 pass yards

    18 TDs

    30 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 10 - Nov 13

    NE 37 @ NYJ 16

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    KC 3 @ NE 34

  • Week 12 - Nov 27

    NE 38 @ PHI 20

  • Week 13 - Dec 04

    IND 24 @ NE 31

  • Week 14 - Dec 11

    NE 34 @ WAS 27

  • Week 15 - Dec 18

    NE 41 @ DEN 23

  • Week 16 - Dec 24

    MIA 24 @ NE 27

    5,235 pass yards

    39 TDs

    3 rush yards

    42 TDs

  • Week 1 - Sep 12

    CIN 24 @ NE 38

  • Week 2 - Sep 19

    NE 14 @ NYJ 28

  • Week 3 - Sep 26

    BUF 30 @ NE 38

  • Week 4 - Oct 04

    NE 41 @ MIA 14

  • Week 5 - Oct 10


  • Week 6 - Oct 17

    BAL 20 @ NE 23

  • Week 7 - Oct 24

    NE 23 @ LAC 20

  • Week 8 - Oct 31

    MIN 18 @ NE 28

  • Week 9 - Nov 07

    NE 14 @ CLE 34

  • Week 10 - Nov 14

    NE 39 @ PIT 26

    350 pass yards

    3 TDs

    3 rush yards

    1 TDs

  • Week 11 - Nov 21

    IND 28 @ NE 31

  • Week 12 - Nov 25

    NE 45 @ DET 24

    341 pass yards

    4 TDs

    1 rush yards

    0 TDs

  • Week 13 - Dec 06

    NYJ 3 @ NE 45

  • Week 14 - Dec 12

    NE 36 @ CHI 7

  • Week 15 - Dec 19

    GB 27 @ NE 31

  • Week 16 - Dec 26

    NE 34 @ BUF 3

  • Week 17 - Jan 02

    MIA 7 @ NE 38

    3,900 pass yards

    36 TDs

    30 rush yards

    1 TDs


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Tom Brady

New England Patriots

2008 - 2011 Statistics

                                PASSING                            RUSHING                 FANTASY

                          Comp/Att   Yards   TD   INT    Rush   Yards   TD     Tot Pts   Pts/Gm

2011 Stats        401/611    5235   39    12     41     109     3        394.3    24.6

2010 Stats        324/492    3900   36     4     31       30     1        309.0    19.3

2009 Stats        371/565    4398   28    13     29      44      1       298.3     18.6

2008 Stats        7/11           76     0     0     0       0       0           3.0       3.0

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2012 Pros and Cons

(+) Last year TB12 had 611 passing attempts that yielded 5,235 passing yards and went for 39 TDs

(+) Brady still throws the best long-ball in the game

(+) Gotta love those two tight ends (Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez) are doing in this offense

(+) Since his knee surgery, Brady has played in 16 games each of the past 3 seasons

(+) Terrific Tom lost another Super Bowl to Eli Manning last season and from a fantasy perspective, you gotta like an angry Tom Brady

(+) Gronk had the best statistical year ever for a tight end last season

(+) Besides the Packers, there isn't a team in the league with more depth at the WR position

(+) The “Slot Machine” (Wes Welker) is now two years removed from his knee injury and looks better than ever

(+) New England has been a pass-heavy team the past six years and Bill Belichick loves to run up the score

(+) Brandon Lloyd is now the downfield threat for Brady - a HUGE upgrade over Deion Branch 

(+) Tom rarely throws interceptions, as evidenced by his career 2.16% INT Percentage (third-best ever)

(+) Josh McDaniels is back as the Patriots offensive coordinator. Remember that 2007 almost perfect season?!

(–) Believe it or not, New England has been in the top-six in rushing TDs each of the past six seasons and should continue that trend in 2012

(–) Hopefully these girly hairdos he’s been sporting doesn’t turn him into a wuss

(–) Matt Light retired

(–) Tom will be 35 years old when the season starts – basically, he's not getting any younger

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2009 Review

tom brady header graphic

Tom who?  Isn’t he the guy you used to see staring at you from the covers of People and US magazine while standing in line at the grocery store a couple of years back?  Well, he hasn’t gone undercover (no pun intended) quite as deep as Menudo or the inventor of those Progressive commercials has, but then again, getting on the cover of supermarket tabloids doesn't get you points in your fantasy football league. 

It’s not like Mr. Gisele Bundchen had a crappy season in 2009, because he didn’t, but it sure has been quiet in Beantown since his Patriots blew their perfect season in Super Bowl XLII three years back.  In fact, Brady put up arguably his second best statistical season ever in 2009, yet because a team’s successes or failures are largely heaped upon the QBs shoulders, it might have been viewed as being a poor season.  However, fantasy owners know better, and no doubt will be making him one of the top fantasy quarterback picks again come 2010.


tom brady's 2009 stats

~ Ranked third in the league with 565 attempts

~ Set an NFL record for the most passing touchdowns in a single quarter (5)

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2010 Fantasy Outlook

Right now, Brady is in the post-Caddyshack time of his career. Meaning that like Bill Murray after Caddyshack, he still will be very relevant, but he will never top the performances he had earlier in his career. Brady is a good enough quarterback to stay in within the group of fantasy starters in the league, but it’ll be tough for him to find his way back into the Top-5 again in 2010.  Without his favorite target around to start the season in Wes Welker, he’ll have to step it up a notch to be considered among the elite this year.  The Patriots suddenly have a bunch of holes to fill throughout the roster, so the team might have to pass the ball more to stay in games, which could end up favoring Brady’s fantasy prognosis. New England also runs a highly impactful offensive system, so the possibility of Brady scratching the top of the QB bluebloods isn’t entirely out of the question, but we’d still suggest taking Rodgers, Brees, P. Manning, Schaub, and maybe even Favre (if he comes back) ahead of him this year.

~ Randy Moss is still Randy Moss

~ Welker will be back, just not for the beginning of the season

~ He’ll be another year removed from his knee surgery

~ He’ll have his first full off-season in a couple of years to gel with the team

~ Belichick is still the coach, which means the team probably still cheats

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Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

manning vs. brady - best qb ever

Click here to read our OP ED article to find out who is better, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

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Brady does not have a Twitter account.  The official Team Twitter account comes through here:  Patriots Player Tweets



Follow Pyro® on Twitter @pyroman1ac

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Featured Pieces

top-10 passing yards all-time QB

top-10 fantasy seasons - QB

longest regular season win streaks


This guy dumped Bridget Moynahan… for Giselle Bundchen. Rough life buddy!

we hate you tom brady


Tom Brady at the 2000 NFL Combine - point being, there is hope for all of us!

tom brady shirtless at the 2000 nfl combine


Tom Brady: "Hello Pope, please let Drew Bledsoe get demolished and injured so I can get my chance to lead this team to a few Super Bowls and become one of the top-5 QBs of all-time"

Pope John Paul II: "Ok son, your wish is granted. You are gonna be a real stud with the ladies from this point forward as well, so go out and get some tail!"

tom brady meets the pope

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Signed a six-year, $60 million contract extension in May of 2005.  The deal included $26.5 million in bonuses that were paid in the first two years.  Blah blah blah, i t doesn’t matter.  He’s loaded, doesn’t play with his contract in mind, and has a long career after football to look forward to.  The remainder is outlined below:

2010 - $3.5 million (+ $3 million roster bonus)

2011 - Free Agent

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Brian Hoyer - Given what happened to Brady back in 2008, fantasy players won’t soon overlook the backup QBs to elite, stable starters like Brady again.  After shoring up your skill positions with at least 3-4 RBs, 4-5 WRs, and 2 QBs, taking a flier on Hoyer isn’t a terrible call

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Team Analysis

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Strength of Schedule

strength of schedule - new england patriots


View Overall Strength of Schedule Chart

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Injury Report


Two major knee surgeries moved him from green to yellow. He's almost two years removed from this injury, but our sources tell us the knee will never be the same again.

Brady In December

Pyro's take: Tom Brady is 52-10 in his career in December games. At age 39 he has 22 TD's and only 2 picks. Beware of this fantasy trap.

Fantasy Goo: Brady hasn't played Week 18 in the past two seasons, but he has seen a statistical drop. In 2015 he averaged only 211 yards per game, and in 2014 it was only 184. Stay away from Brady against the Broncos this week - stay away.

12/14/16, 04:54 PM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: www.pro-football-reference.com

Brady, Edelman, Bennett and Hogan All IN

Pyro's take: All of these questionable Patriots will be active today. And as you already know Gronk has headed to IR.

Fantasy Goo: Play the Pats as you normally would. Brady and Edelman are must starts and the rest are flex worthy.

12/04/16, 09:54 AM CST by The Hartbeat
Source: twitter.com

Brady averaging 25 FFpts a game

Pyro's take: If you streamed the first 4 weeks and got the results of the 12th QB, then got Brady back, your frankenstein would rank 3rd among QBs.

Brady's 16 game pace is 5,354 passing yards 42.67 TDs 0 INTs and a cool 400 fantasy points.

10/25/16, 03:51 PM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: pyromaniac.com

Guess Who's Back? Brady’s Back, Back Again And He Doesn't Skip A Beat As He Gets The Patriots Offense Into High Gear

Pyro's take: Tom Brady completed 28-of-40 passes for 406 yards and three touchdowns in New England's Week 5 win over the Browns.

Fantasy Goo: Brady showed no rust in his return and was in sync with the offense. The veteran QB was able to spread the ball around to multiple receivers, completing passes to seven different players. He looks like he is in midseason form.

Rob Gronkowski caught 5-of-7 targets for 109 yards. Although he did not score, he did provide his owners with confidence that the real Gronk is back and ready to roll for the remainder of the 2016 season.

Martellus Bennett caught 6-of-8 targets for 67 yards and three TD's. The Black Unicorn wasted no time showing Brady he is here in New England to produce. Bennett made the most of each target scoring three touchdowns on six receptions. Adding yet another option in this high powered offense look for Bennett to continue to provide another option for fantasy owners weekly.

Chris Hogan caught 4-of-5 targets for 114 yards.Seven-Eleven lead the Patriots in yardage on Sunday despite only getting five targets. It looks like he may become Tom's deep ball threat in the offense and the two were able to connect on two long passes of 43 and 63 yards. If the connection can continue then he is someone to target in fantasy leagues.

Julian Edelman caught five of 10 passes for 35 yards. Expect the double-digit targets to continue for Edelman as he is Brady's favorite receiver and the production should increase as well.

James White rushed five times for 26 yards and added four receptions for 63 additional yards. White was utilized as the third-down back for the Patriots this role has extra value when Tom Brady is QB as he likes to use his running backs in the passing game and there will be weeks that White may lead the team in targets coming out of the backfield it is safe to say he should have solid value in PPR formats.

Danny Amendola caught 2-of-2 targets for 11 yards he is listed as the WR3 but falls behind fellow receivers Julain Edelman and Chris Hogan as well as tight ends Martellus Bennett and Rob Gronkowski in the pecking order for targets. There is not much to go around for Amendola and he is not a fantasy option unless an injury occurs.

LeGarrette Blount rushed for 37 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries.An early touchdown helped fantasy owners. Expect a similiar workload for Blount going forward and he will be the goal line back which will help to increase his value.

10/11/16, 08:09 AM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

The Gronk still banged up

Pyro's take: ‏@NateUlrichABJ Injury report for #Browns and #Patriots - (hamstring) limited at Wednesday's practice.

Fantasy Goo: The Gronk-Man is not 100%. Martellus Bennett and Gronkowski will be terrorizing opponents together sooner or later. With Tom Brady in the fold we know the defenses will be scared with the many weapons the Patriots will use week to week. Edelman, Amendola, Hogan along with Gronk and Bennett will be a tough go for opposing defenses due to Brady’s ability to throw players open. Bennett is a safer play but, Brady might rekindle the magic with Gronk right from the start.
(Welcome Back Kotter Theme Song) Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back… Tom Brady

10/05/16, 08:33 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: twitter.com

Missing the Gronk

@AaronWilson_NFL Patriots list Rob Gronkowski (hamstring) as questionable

Pyro's take: @AaronWilson_NFL Patriots list Rob Gronkowski (hamstring) as questionable

Fantasy Goo: Martellus Bennett and Rob Gronkowski will play together on the same field one day and it will be glorious. Patience will be tested for now. Tom Brady will make both tight ends shine in the Patriots double tight end offense. If you like to roster two tight ends you might want to grab Pitta or Tamme if they are available until Gronk shows that he is in to stay.

09/21/16, 04:53 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: twitter.com

4 games to shine for Jimmy?

Garoppolo checked in at 16-21, 181 yards and one TD, 12 of the completions going for first downs, with no interceptions.

Pyro's take: Garoppolo checked in at 16-21, 181 yards and one TD, 12 of the completions going for first downs, with no interceptions. "I think Jimmy's been pretty consistent through camp," Belichick said. "He's been taking care of the football and making the most of his opportunities."

Fantasy Goo: Jimmy had a very nice stat line. Fantasy owners are a bit worried about the passing game of the Patriots with Tom Brady out of action four weeks. The fear that I see is that the Patriots have too many mouths for young Jimmy to feed. Those fighting for the pigskin at the dinner table are Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, Gronkowski, Bennett and White out of the backfield. On draft day I plan to shy away from all of them except for one. I feel Martellus Bennett offers very good reward for his current ADP of 13th tight end in the 11th round of a 12 team league. I will even consider drafting two tight ends with Bennett being one of the. Jimmy will need a close target to get him out of trouble. Tom will use Martellus as he once did with Aaron Hernandez. Bennett = Bargain in 2016.

08/23/16, 02:46 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: www.thesunchronicle.com

Tom Brady Will Serve Four Game Suspension In 2016

New England Patriots

Pyro's take: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady will officially miss the first four games of the 2016 regular season as he announced on Friday that he will no longer proceed with legal action against the NFL. (Adam Schefter on Twitter)

Fantasy Goo: Deflategate is officially over as Tom Brady accepts his four-game ban and will serve the suspension during the first quarter of the 2016 regular season. Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to start in Brady's absence.

07/15/16, 02:18 PM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.twitter.com

Gronk + Martellus = Gronk and Hernandez from 2010 - 2012

FOXBORO — Watching the Patriots offense operate without Rob Gronkowski usually isn’t much fun. But that was before Martellus Bennett showed up.

Pyro's take: FOXBORO — Watching the Patriots offense operate without Rob Gronkowski usually isn’t much fun. But that was before Martellus Bennett showed up.

Fantasy Goo: Aaron Hernandez had a noteworthy three year career where in 38 games played he caught 18 touchdowns. Can it happen again with Gronkowski and Bennett? Martellus is one of the better tight ends in the league and would have Tom Brady which is better than his prior quarterbacks. There's the "Y" tight end, which is the name for the traditional in-line tight end, and then there's the "F" tight end which is a movable player (move tight end). Most of us never even heard about Y or F until Gronk and Hernandez made those common labels. Gronkowski and Hernandez were possibly (I say yes) the best tandem of tight ends to ever play on the same roster in NFL history. I love Bennett’s current mock draft spot in 12 team leagues which is round 12 and the 14th TE selected. Make this Unicorn your fantasy in 2016.

07/06/16, 01:04 PM CDT by STiFFKiTTY
Source: www.bostonherald.com

Tom Brady "Essentially Guaranteed" To Play All Off 2016 If Granted An Appeal

According to Ian Rapoport

Pyro's take: According to Ian Rapoport, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would be "essentially guaranteed" to play the 2016 season if the Second Circuit grants him the en blanc appeal he is filing today.

If Brady is granted the appeal, his four-game suspension would be put on hold, and it could take the entire length of the 2016 season to reach a verdict on the appeal. Brady is more than likely going to miss four games, the question is whether it is this year or next. For now the situation bares monitoring as the Patriots signal caller is one the most significant players in the NFL.

05/23/16, 09:51 AM CDT by PK Ripper
Source: www.twitter.com

Brady Suspended 4 games.... Again

A U.S Court of Appeals has sided with the NFL in the Deflategate saga.

Pyro's take: A U.S Court of Appeals has sided with the NFL in the Deflategate saga. The Court held that "the commissioner properly exercised his broad direction under the collective bargaining agreement and that his procedural rulings were properly grounded in that agreement and did not deprive Brady of fundamental fairness."

Brady will now be slated to miss the first four games of the season, but I doubt this is the last episode in this saga of the offseason. Brady is now in line to miss contests against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans and Bills out of the gate with Jimmy Garoppolo set to get the starts. Brady's ADP will surely fall from the middle of the fourth round, to where he could now be a value pick with a replacement level QB the first four weeks of the season. The Patriots are on bye in Week 5, so Week 6 is the first time you will be able to slide Tom in the lineup.

04/25/16, 10:57 AM CDT by Stagg Party
Source: twitter.com

Tom Brady completed 27-of-56 passes for 310 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions


Pyro's take: The Broncos defense treated Tom Brady as a pinata throwing him to the ground and basically stomping on him all game. The two interceptions were from the defense putting pressure on him.

He finished completing less than half his passes and a 1:2 touchdown to interception ratio.

01/24/16, 06:09 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

Tom Brady named to the Pro Bowl


Pyro's take: Tom Brady was named to the Pro-Bowl among five other quarterbacks,

12/23/15, 12:02 AM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: probowl.fantasy.nfl.com

Patriots are not worried about Tom Brady's (illness, questionable) ability to start Sunday.


Pyro's take: Jason La Confora via Twitter "Tom Brady feeling a bit better. Pats not concerned about ability to start Sunday. Should be good to go"

12/19/15, 03:05 PM CST by Vaaal-verde
Source: twitter.com

Tom Brady completed 26-of-38 passes for 356 yards and four touchdowns


Pyro's take: Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things. Look for him to continue to dominate as next week the Patriots take on the Washington Redskins.

10/29/15, 10:44 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

No Marcia in Brady's performance


Pyro's take: Tom Brady was on point all game and carved the Steelers defense up all night. The Steelers lacked coverage on Rob Gronkowski several times. Brady finished with 25-of-32 passes for 288 yards and four touchdowns. It doesnt appear that the offseason turmoil had any effect on the hall of famer to be.

09/11/15, 01:37 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.pyromaniac.com

This boot was Not Made for Walking

Tom Brady is going to Buffalo without the walking boot he was wearing during the week. because of an ankle injury, suffered during practice. He is listed as questionable. Brady during the season has thrown 104 passes on 172 attempts for 1,083 yards with six touchdowns and four interceptions in five games. Brady’s completion percentage of 60.5 percent is tied for his lowest since 2003, when he completed 60.2 percent of his passes.

Pyro's take: Tom Brady was finally successful against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday Night Football. This week against Buffalo he is going to see more pass rush, and a tighter defensive unit. If you have better options at quarterback, I would go with it, Brady will always have a good game here and there, but it wont be tomorrow against the Bills.

10/11/14, 08:49 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.boston.com

looking like Marcia

Brady struggled again, this time against the Oakland Raiders. Oakland was exposed by Houston the previous week for 30 points, but the Patriots could only score 16. Its not that Brady has been horrible, he hasn't had an interception, and completed 24 of 37 passes for 234 yards, an improvement over the 149 he had at Minnesota in Week 2.

Pyro's take: Brady just hasn't been able to move the offense, and even though he has been accurate, its more like he has turned into Alex Smith and not his typical pin-ball numbers. I dont see this improving over this year, and it looks more and more he should be a second quarterback, and not an every week starter.

09/24/14, 06:04 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.boston.com

Needs to fire up teammates

Tom Brady has always played the game with a lot of emotion, he is the first to take the blame, and the first to correct the problem. Sometimes his emotions get the better of his teammates, and it can get frustrating from their point of view.

Troy Brown, has mentioned about Brady: "Just in working with Bill in the past and knowing how he wants guys to step up and take that leadership role," Brown said. "He probably wants some of that from Tom . . . But to a point where you have to challenge these guys to step up and make some plays. You can't baby them, you can't nurture them. You gotta try to encourage them and try to help them get to a place where they can make those types of plays."

Brown also mentions about the importance of tearing down and building up character: "When you tear a guy down sometimes, you got to be able to build him back up too," Brown said. "You got to be able to give him some confidence to go back out there and make some plays. You can't just tear him down and leave him there and expect him to go back on the field and be comfortable."

Pyro's take: The thing with Brady is that he had to fight his whole career to become the person he is today and has been his whole career. From his perspective he may forget that not everyone shares the same passion, and when that occurs, he is likely to tear them down, and the hard part is building them back up.

09/17/14, 05:16 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.csnne.com

Sucky retirement

Tom Brady probably came away with the best preseason comment of the season. When asked about his future with the New England Patriots and retirement plans on the WEEI Dennis & Callahan morning show, he stated: “There's nowhere I'd rather play, I know that, I love playing for this team and I love representing this team and hopefully I can do that for as long as I can. When I suck, I’ll retire. But I don’t plan on sucking for a long time."

Pyro's take: Tom Brady will probably not ever suck, but one day he will have to retire, like him, I hope that it will be a long time before then.

09/02/14, 03:50 PM CDT by Vaaal-verde
Source: www.boston.com